Bye, Bye mosquito

Mosquito and tick repellent in a convenient spray container for outside application (e.g. the garden). Bye, Bye mosquito can be used on lawns, trees, shrubs and garden architecture. Natural ingredients: lemon juice, garlic juice, geraniol. A refill container is also available. Bye, Bye mosquito does not contain DEET.

Active ingredients of Bye, bye mosquito are also known for their effectiveness in protecting against ticks.

Capacity: covers nearly 300 m2.
Packaging: 950 ml spray canister and 950 ml refill canister.

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After connecting the Bye, Bye mosquito canister with the pressurized water hose, turn the valve to the “ON” position. This way water will flow through the sprayer. The stream of water creates a negative pressure so that the contents of the canister are sucked up and mixed in the right proportion with the water.
The rate of repellent uptake depends on the water pressure. The lawn, trees, shrubs and garden architecture should be sprayed.
The best results are obtained if you start applying 2 weeks before the anticipated appearance of insects.

Repeat application every 2 weeks.

Do not apply directly after rain. Do not apply in full sunlight. Reapply after heavy rain.

Bye, Bye mosquito spray canister can be refilled with a refill sold separately.

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refill – 5900026002925

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