Fertilizer for rhododendrons, azaleas, blueberries...

Mineral, slow-release fertilizer in free-flowing powder form, for acid-loving plants (such as rhododendrons, azaleas, heathers, blueberries and hydrangeas). Fertilizer fortified with mycorrhiza.

Due to delicate and thin root system of the aforementioned shrubs, they need a fertilizer specifically formulated for plants with shallow root systems. When dealing with shallow root systems you should avoid general-use garden fertilizers. Heather plants do not like overfeeding, so the specially formulated, balanced composition of our product meets their needs. It will provide your plants with the necessary nutrients, maintain proper acidity of the soil (pH 5.5-6.5) and will also be safe to use.
Fertilizer for rhododendrons, azaleas, heather is a free-flowing, mineral, long-acting, mycorrhiza fortified fertilizer in a convenient zip-lock bag. You only need to fertilize twice a season – once before and once after flowering. Any well-nourished and healthy plant is more resilient than an malnourished one.

Easy to use
Safe for plants
Long-lasting effect
Convenient resealable zip-lock packaging
Results in beautiful flowers

Mycorrhiza is a mutually beneficial relationship between fungi and plant roots. Mycorrhiza, by spreading, increases the absorptive surface of the roots, increases the resistance of plants to drought and facilitates the uptake of mineral nutrients. Mycorrhiza improves the condition of plants, accelerates their growth, protects them from root diseases.
Mycorrhizal mycelium is incorporated in a substrate of natural GUANO.

Packaging: zip-lock bag 1 kg.

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Fertilize twice per season – before and after flowering. Fertilize only until mid-August!
Depending on the size of the plant, spread the appropriate (according to the label) amount of fertilizer on the ground around the plant. Mix fertilizer with the soil. Do not apply too close to the trunk. Do not fertilize during planting.

Immediately after the flowering of rhododendrons, it is recommended to remove inflorescence with shed blossoms. This procedure will strengthen the plant, cause better flowering and the creation of new flower buds. Remember to break inflorescence out by hand.

Sprinkling coffee grounds under the shrubs helps aerate the soil, deters slugs and makes the soil more acidic. Sprinkle coffee grounds on the ground around the plant and then mix them into the soil. Coffee grounds are not a substitute for fertilizer.
Do not dig in the soil around the shallow roots of rhododendrons and azaleas. Any soil disturbance in this area can damage the roots. Instead, to discourage weeds and to keep the roots cool and moist provide the shrubs with a solid 5-7.5 cm layer of mulch.

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EU fertilizing product.
EAN 5900026007180

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