SprayGreen for lawns riddled with moss

SprayGreen for lawns riddled with moss helps grass displace moss, giving an even, lush green color. It is especially recommended for lawns with moss. Using an innovative spray system, it takes less than 10 minutes to fertilize up to 200 m2 lawn. Convenient spray cannister allows for quick coverage of a large area.
The sprayed area is completely safe for people and animals. A refill container is also available.

Capacity: 200 m2 of lawn
Packaging: 950 ml spray canister and 950 ml refill canister.

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After connecting the SprayGreen for lawn riddled with moss canister with the pressurized water hose, turn the valve to the “ON” position. This way water will flow through the sprayer. The stream of water creates a negative pressure so that the contents of the canister are sucked up and mixed in the right proportion with the water. The rate of fertilizer depletion depends on the water pressure.

Do not apply before expected rainfall. Do not apply in full sunlight. Accidental spraying on other plants is not harmful. After fertilizing, do not mow the grass for at least 3 days.
Apply from March to the end of September. Do not apply to dried out lawn.
All of the moss that turned black should be raked out.
SprayGreen for lawn riddled with moss spray canister can be refilled with a sold separately refill.

Due to its high active iron content, the fertilizer may leave orange stains on light-colored stone or concrete surfaces.

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EU fertilizing product.
refill – 5900026002932

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SprayGreen for lawns

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