Mosquito, mole and snail repellents

Are you looking for an effective mosquito, mole or slug repellent? Then you have come to the right place! Discover our wide range of products from the “Bye, bye to…” range, which ensure that you can effectively get rid of the most troublesome pests and insects. Those products are highly effective, and most of them are all-natural, making them safe for humans and environmentally friendly.

We provide products in convenient and efficient packages. With their help you will easily get rid of the most bothersome problems of every gardener.

Tick remover

Credit card - shaped tick removing tool, for quick and safe removal.


Aphisol Bio

A product for plants weakened by pests.


Bye, Bye mosquito

Mosquito repellent in a convenient spray container.


Bye, Bye mosquito personal 300 ml

Natural mosquito repellent for personal usage.


Bye, Bye ant

Ant control agent in granular form.


Bye, Bye snail

Eco-friendly anti-snail barrier.