Convenience and efficiency

Would you like to take proper care of your home greenery, but you are afraid that it will be too time-consuming and you lack advanced skills? Fear not, because we have a very effective and convenient solution for you – fertilizer sticks. Fertilizer for flowers and potted plants in sticks will save you valuable time, while providing proper nutrition to your potted friend. A simple way to provide it with the most valuable ingredients.

How do they work

The use of fertilizer sticks, first of all, minimizes the risk of overfertilization. You apply exactly the amount of fertilizer that your plant needs. You place the sticks in the soil between the edge of the pot and the stem and around it, and they gradually release the beneficial substances. The micro- and macro-elements in them regularly promote growth.

Universal application

The formula of the sticks will work well for potted plants, flowers, as well as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. It will increase yields and also have a positive effect on taste. The easily absorbed form of the ingredients guarantees proper nutrition. The most convenient solution is the universal type of sticks, but we offer specially designed versions for different species.

Universal fertilizer sticks

Fertilizer sticks for all potted and balcony plants.


Fertilizer sticks for flowering plants

Fertilizer sticks for flowering plants, especially for geraniums, begonias and pansies.


Fertilizer sticks for orchids

Fertilizer sticks for all types of orchids.


Orchid fertilizer sticks - mini package

Fertilizing sticks for orchids in a convenient 6-piece package.


QuickStart fertilizer sticks

QuickStart fertilizer sticks for all potted and balcony plants.


Special O fertilizer sticks

Special sticks for plants weakened by soil pests.


Special G fertilizer sticks

Special sticks for plants weakened by fungal diseases.


Fertilizer sticks for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers

Big fertilizer sticks for vegetables with mycorrhiza.