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More and more people are growing herbs or flowers on their home windowsills. Plant care no longer requires specialized knowledge. Our products are simple to use and easy to apply in any home. We reach for the latest solutions, without forgetting timeless gardening knowledge. You can use our natural fertilizers without worrying about your health or that of your pets.

Grow your plants the way you like it – without the mess, stress and reading complicated instructions!

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Fertilizer sticks

Fertilizer sticks, also known as fertilizer spikes or plant food spikes, are a type of slow-release fertilizer that is designed to be inserted into the soil around the roots of plants. The slow-release nature of the fertilizer sticks means that plants receive a steady supply of nutrients over several weeks or months.

Liquid fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers for potted plants are a type of fertilizer that is dissolved in water and then applied to the soil around the plant's roots. They are a popular choice for fertilizing potted plants because they are easy to use and can quickly deliver nutrients to the plant.


Foliar fertilization products suitable for the most popular species of potted flowers.

Garden care

We provide products for vegetables, lawns and various types of flowers and decorative shrubs, both in granules, liquids and in the form of sticks.


Our products also include inoculants, fertilizers and mycorrhizal substrates for coniferous, deciduous and heath garden plants, for potted plants and orchids.


Spray Green is a series of ready-to-use products in convenient canisters with sprayers for simple and effective application.

Bye, bye to…

Our "Bye, bye to..." products help to successfully get rid of the most troublesome pests and insects.

Care products

Our care products will be useful for both owners of large plots of land and those who grow flowers in pots. We also don't forget about protecting people and animals from ticks.

Professional fertilizers

Professional liquid fertilizers are widely used in agriculture and horticulture to increase yields, improve crop quality and accelerate plant growth.