GUANO natural fertilizer

Liquid fertilizer with original GUANO from South America. It contains fast-acting forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, micro- and sub-micronutrients. Aids the formation of appropriate bacterial microflora. GUANO natural fertilizer is fortified with iron responsible for the coloring of leaves.

Concentrated solution for dilution 1:200 for home use and 1:100 for the garden. Does not damage mycorrhizal life forms.

Capacity: 25 and 50 liters of watering solution
Packaging: bottle 300 ml and 300 ml with pump

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The pump version of the fertilizer is equipped with a convenient dispenser that prevents spills and measures the correct dose of fertilizer.

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Approximate composition: NPK 3-3-3
300 ml – 5900026000815
300 ml with pump – 5900026000648

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