Zielony Dom Lime is an all-purpose product for limewashing trees and deacidifying soil. It protects trees and shrubs from frost injury and prevents the formation of deep cracks. The limewashed trunk reflects sunrays, preventing it from heating up, which stops the formation of cracks caused by large temperature differences between day and night. Additionally, limewash creates a physical barrier to protect plants from pests. It can also be used to deacidify the soil.

Packaging: 1 kg bucket made with recycled material

Limewashing of trees and shrubs (apply from November to the end of March in the leafless period, when the air temperature is above 0 degrees C) – pour 2 to 3 liters of water into a bucket and mix thoroughly with Zielony Dom Lime. Next, using a brush, spread the prepared mixture on the trunks of trees and thick shoots of shrubs.
If the lime gets washed away by rain, the treatment should be repeated.
To deacidify the soil, in autumn or early spring (the ground should be moist), sprinkle 1 kg of lime on about 10 m2 of soil. Subsequently, mix the lime with the top layer of soil.

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