Special O fertilizer sticks

Special “O” fertilizer sticks comprise mycorrhizal mycelium and helper bacteria built-in a nourishing biodegradable core. They help the plant to strengthen the immune system.
We especially recommend Special O fertilizer sticks for plants weakened by soil-dwelling parasites or by insects feeding on the above-ground parts of ornamental plants.

Mycorrhiza (a phenomenon occurring in a natural, healthy environment) provides:

Protection of the roots against penetration by the pathogenic fungi
1000-fold greater absorptive surface of the roots
Optimal plant nutrition
Better water management
Elimination of stress associated with the wrong pH of the soil.
Inadequate pH of the soil promotes weakening of the plant and makes it susceptible to parasite attack. Plants with mycorrhizae are more resistant to attack by harmful organisms.

Package: 20 pieces of sticks.

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Use the sticks either preventively or immediately after the symptoms of parasite presence is detected.
Push the appropriate number of sticks (as instructed on the package) into the soil between the plant and the pot wall.
Water normally.
For best effects repeat after 2 months.
In balcony boxes use 2 sticks per 1 plant.

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EU fertilizing product.
EAN 5900026001126

Natural enzymes, fungi, bacteria, and microbial nutrients derived from natural Guano.

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