Natural protection against dog urine for lawns. URYNAL contains a unique mixture of fungi and bacteria strains. Those microorganisms decompose urine and facilitate grass growth. Products remains active for 2 months after application, and rainfall does not shorten its activity period.
The protective effect of Urynal begins at the earliest 2 weeks after application.

All natural and intense microbial treatment for lawns damaged by the house-pets urine.

If you are a dog owner and have a lawn, you’re probably aware of the unaesthetic, brown grass stains burned out by pets’ urine.
The most common misconception about the cause of this kind of lawn damage, is high urine acidity. It is falsely believed that urine is acidic, and it simply burns the grass down to the roots. Consequently, one may find faulty remedies of the spot problem. Some of them recommend the use of baking soda or vitamin C, other suggest dosing pet-food with drugs and supplements. The latter make the dog thirsty. In consequence, the animal drinks more water and dilutes the urine, hence reducing its burning power.
We, at Zielony Dom, are not fans of feeding chemicals to our pets. Especially if we consider that the real culprit of lawn burn is the nitrogen comprised in urine, not urine acidity. Dog and cat urine has high nitrogen content because of their high protein diet. Dogs and cats eat a lot of meat, which is rich in protein. Those ample amounts of protein get transformed inside animal’s body. This process creates nitrogen, which is later removed with urea. The grass dies from the nitrogen overdose.
Small amounts of nitrogen are beneficial, and most lawn fertilizers contain nitrogen compounds. However, nitrogen overdose will cause grass to wilt and die. A handful of concentrated nitrogen fertilizer applied to a small grassy area will create brown stains – identical to the spots burned out by dog urine.

Single application of URYNAL creates a barrier, which will continuously neutralize the damaging effects of nitrogen.
Additional advantage of using URINAL is improved assimilation of nutrients. To maintain around-the-clock lawn protection we advise reapplying URYNAL every two months.

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The basic version of Urynal is a canister with a sprayer that, after adding water and twisting, must be connected to a pressurized water source.
It can then be sprayed on up to 800 m2 of lawn.
The finished product (Urynal granules dissolved in water) should be used within 48 hours.

Urynal is also available in a “Refill” version.
This is a sachet of granules that should be poured into an empty canister.
In the absence of the original Zielony Dom sprayer, a watering can can be used.
Pour the contents of the sachet into the watering can and mix with up to 80 liters of water.
Then spread over the lawn.

There is no risk of overdosing.

The protective effect of Urynal begins at the earliest 2 weeks after application.
Long-lasting drought can negatively affect the effectiveness of Urynal.

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Efficiency: 800 m2 of lawn
Package: 950 ml canister with a sprayer

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