Black fertilizer for Orchids

Black fertilizer for Orchids contains plant-nourishing ingredients and a biological agent in the form of carefully selected mycorrhizal bacteria and fungi which support the growth and development of orchids.
Microorganisms, by colonizing the root zone and roots improve plant growth conditions.
This occurs through mineralization of organic compounds, including sugar compounds from the molasses. By modifying the environment and fertilizer ingredients, bacteria increase availability and cause better assimilation of macro- and micronutrients in plants. The bacteria also optimize the acidity of the environment. Metabolites produced by microorganisms increase the amount of nutrients easily absorbed by orchids and improve the anabolism of organic acids (malonic, citric) and volatile compounds (CO2, ethylene). Bacteria and fungi in Black fertilizer for Orchids take over the ecological niche and prevent pathogenic fungi and bacteria from entering the roots, which significantly improves the health of the plants. The use of Black fertilizer for Orchids leads to the expansion of the root system, better nutrition, improved health and overall shape of orchids, resulting in abundant flowering.
When diluted, the fertilizer is an excellent nutrient for these beneficial microorganisms.

Capacity: 67 liters of watering solution.
Packaging: 500 ml bottle with pump

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The fertilizer is applied directly to the pot, without mixing with water.
The convenient dispenser prevents spillage of fertilizer and measures the correct dose.

You may also mix the appropriate number of doses with water and water with this solution.

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