Universal fertilizer sticks

Zielony Dom fertilizer sticks are specially designed to feed all varieties of houseplants where they need it most, at the roots.
Unlike other types of fertilizers, our sticks are pre-measured, giving your plants just the right dosage of nutrients so you won’t overfeed or burn them. And, by feeding underground, away from the soil surface, our slow release formula prevents waste and chemical runoff.

  • easy to use
  • no overfeeding
  • slow, steady release of nutrients over 90 days

Works for 3 months
Package: 30 or 50 sticks

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Just push each spike into the soil around the plant, halfway between the plant stem and the edge of the pot, until the spike is just below the surface.
The nutrients are gradually released to the plant’s roots, safely and continuously, everyday.

Depending on the size of the pot (it’s diameter), push the appropriate number of sticks into the soil.

pot diameter ø 9 cm ø 12 cm ø 15 cm ø 18 cm ø 22 cm ø 28 cm
number of sticks ½ 1 2 4 6 8

For best results, insert new spikes every 90 days. Water after inserting spikes.

Apply from March to October.
In winter, from November to February, use half the dose recommended on the package.
In balcony boxes, use 2 sticks per 1 plant.

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EU fertilizing product.
NPK 10-6-7

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