Fertilizer sticks for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers

Fertilizer sticks for vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Our product allows 60 days of balanced fertilization. It contains mycorrhizal mycelium (mycorrhiza is a symbiosis between beneficial fungi and the plant), which positively affects the development of vegetables. Use of Fertilizer sticks results in increased yield and better tasting vegetables.

Release of nutrients lasts 2 months
Package: 20 pieces of large sticks


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Push the sticks into the soil about 5 cm from the stem, and then water. Water will make the stick release nutrients that will later be absorbed by the plant. The fertilizing effect lasts for at least two months.

Seedlings: 3 sticks per plant at the beginning of flowering.
Vegetables from seeding: 2 sticks per plant at the beginning of flowering.
Apply from April to September.

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