Black Universal Fertilizer

Molasses – based universal fertilizer for houseplants.

Fertilizer is fortified with mineral components and a set of beneficial microorganisms for nourishment of the plants. These microorganisms are fungi of the genus Trichoderma viride and asperellum.The molasses provides sugars in high concentrations, so that the spores of Trichoderma  keep well. When diluted with water, these sugars become an excellent medium for germinating spores.

Trichoderma fungi have protective properties and benefit plant growth. Firstly, they intensively colonize the root. The mycelium germinating from the spores of this fungus penetrates the root and settles on it, with following results:

  • Immune system of plants is stimulated and thus the fight against pathogens and the spread of diseases is supported,
  • Substances antibiotic towards pathogenic organisms are secreted.
  • Intensive colonization of the root takes place, which creates unfavorable conditions for the development of pathogenic microorganisms and prevents these pathogens from accessing the roots.
  • Plants have a better developed root system, assimilate nutrients more efficiently, which positively impacts their development and growth.

Capacity: 67 liters of watering solution.
Packaging: 500 ml bottle with pump

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The fertilizer is applied directly to the pot, without mixing with water.
The convenient dispenser prevents spillage of fertilizer and measures the correct dose.

You may also mix the appropriate number of doses with water and water with this solution.

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