Guano fertilizer

100% raw materials for organic farming
40% Guano from Peru

Guano fertilizer is a product of digestion of fish (peruvian anchovy, mackerel, sardine and silverside) by seabirds. This fecal matter, under unique atmospheric conditions, is transformed into a fertilizer easily absorbed by plants. Guano from the Peruvian islands is the best and most extensive organic fertilizer in the world. Peruvian Guano additionally contains a certain amount of nitrifying bacteria and fungi that help plants assimilate nutrients.
Guano’s properties were discovered many centuries ago by the Incas, and were later exploited by Europeans. Due to the geographic location of the Peruvian sea and the presence of the cold Humboldt Current, coupled with a diverse but dry climate where heavy rains do not occur, conditions ideal for Guano deposit formation prevail.

Packaging: zip-lock bag 1 kg.

For all vegetable, fruit and flower plants.

Sprinkle 4 tablespoons (70 g) of fertilizer once a season (from March to September) per 1 m2 of soil.
On poor soils, repeat the application after 4 weeks.
After application, mix the topsoil with fertilizer. Water generously after application.
The package contains a measuring cup.


EU fertilizing product.
NPK 12-5-7 (3)

EAN: 5900026007357


Water superabsorbent: 1 gram of gel absorbs approximately 250 grams of water.


Bye, bye to aphis

A product for plants weakened by pests.


Fertilizer sticks for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers

Big fertilizer sticks for vegetables with mycorrhiza.


Ziołovit natural fertilizer for herbs

Natural fertilizer for herbs made from original fermented Guano from the Peruvian islands.