Komposter compost activator

A composting fertilizer that accelerates the breakdown of organic matter and enriches the compost mass with magnesium and trace elements. Komposter is a source of nutrients for compost bacteria and fungi, so it accelerates natural decomposition of organic waste.

It provides nutrients for composting microorganisms, thus accelerating the composting process.
Komposter raises the pH of the environment, which reduces putrefaction and prevents the formation of unpleasant odor.
Contains plenty of magnesium, which during the composting process is converted into easily assimilable compounds.
Can be used all year round.

Efficiency: ca. 13 m3 for a 4 kg bucket, and ca. 5 m3 of biological waste for a 1.5 kg bag.

Packaging: 1.5 kg bag and 4 kg bucket.

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Place compostable materials in 10-20 cm thick layers, sprinkle each layer with 60 g of Komposter per m2.

Compostable materials are: shredded branches, leaves, wilted green waste (e.g.: grass, vegetable scraps), finely torn paper, vegetable kitchen waste, coffee and tea grounds, egg shells.
Non-compostable materials include: meat and sausage scraps, grease, thick cardboard, illustrated magazines.

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EU fertilizing product.
bag 1,5 kg – 5900026001690
bucket 4 kg – 5900026001683

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