VAXI-ROOT mycorrhiza for coniferous and deciduous trees

Mycorrhizal mycelium for coniferous and deciduous plants. This mycorrhizal vaccine contains FYTOHELP – root associated bacteria. These bacteria show strong antagonism to Phytophthora cinnamomi, which causes the dangerous plant disease phytophthora. They also help plants form symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi. Examples of the most popular applications are: thujas, junipers, yews, firs, pines, spruces, Douglas firs, alders, birches, chestnuts, walnuts, lindens, oaks, beeches, willows.

What are the benefits of mycorrhiza?

– 1000-fold increase in the absorptive surface area of the roots
– Increased tolerance to stresses related to lack of water, temperature, wrong soil pH
– Accelerated plant growth
– Protection against root diseases
– Improved condition of plants

Efficiency: up to 15 plants

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In the 2024 season, we introduced a new, more convenient formulation of mycorrhizal vaccine.
The new vaccine no longer requires the use of a “gun” for applying.

Apply from March to the end of September, but not before the ground frost is finished.

The package contains a tube and a pouch made of water-soluble film (do not open it).
The pouch contains an appropriate amount of mycorrhizal mycelium spores and a water-absorbing gel, to help the mycelium survive the first few weeks after application. The gel will provide a suitably hydrated environment. If VAXI-ROOT mycorrhiza is used for seedlings, the gel will help fix the spores onto the root ball of the plant.

The mycorrhizal inoculant only needs to be used once in the lifetime of the plant.
Only the use of a topical fungicide makes it necessary to apply VAXI-ROOT mycorrhiza again.

The book on Mycorrhiza (available only in Polish) – Mycorrhiza for the gardener

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