Fertilizer sticks for flowering plants

Fertilizer sticks for flowering plants (especially for geraniums, begonias and pansies).
Essential for balcony plants during the flowering period.

Original GUANO from South America was used as a binder of inorganic nutrients. This facilitates gradual release of nutrients dependent on the frequency of plant watering. Thanks to fertilizer sticks plants receive nutrition regularly.

Fertilizer sticks for flowering plants are convenient to use, since they allow for gradual, consistent delivery of nutrients over 90 days.

Fertilizer sticks improve  structure of the soil.

They work for up to 3 months
Package: 30 sticks

Applied once every 90 days ensure beautiful and lush flowering.

Stosowane raz na 90 dni zapewnią piękne i bujne kwitnienie.

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Choose appropriate number of sticks, depending on the size of the pot (it’s diameter). Push the sticks into the soil.

The sticks fertilize for about 90 days.

Plants are most easily damaged by over-fertilization. Fertilizing with Zielony Dom fertilizer sticks, which release nutrients in to the soil for at least 3 months, ensures that no harm is done to the plant. The nutrients in Zielony Dom fertilizer sticks are glued together with a special binder, so that they are released slowly and consistently over 90 days.

The convenience of application is very important. Just push the appropriate number of sticks into the soil of the pot and that’s it. Fertilizer sticks are perfect for people who want to have beautiful plants but are too busy with daily chores.

Apply from March to October.
In the winter, from November to February, use half of the recommended dose.
In balcony boxes, use 2 sticks per 1 plant.

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EU fertilizing product.
NPK 9-7-8

EAN: 5900026000914

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