QuickStart fertilizer sticks

QuickStart fertilizer sticks for all potted and balcony plants. Fertilizer ingredients are held together with a special binder. This allows for gradual release of nutrients and amounts of nutrients delivered to the soil depend on the frequency of watering. Use of fertilizing sticks allows the plants to receive nutrition on a regular basis.

  • outer, fast-acting layer of nutrients
  • VAXI ROOT mycorrhizal mycelium spores
  • active iron
  • gradual and continuous nutrient delivery for 90 days
  • convenience of use

Mycorrhiza creates friendly environment for your plants. Mycorrhizal mycelium spores in symbiosis with the plant, cause 1000-fold increase in the absorptive surface area of the roots.

Effective for 3 months
Package: 30 pieces of sticks

Opakowanie: 30 sztuk pałeczek

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Just push each spike into the soil around the plant, halfway between the plant stem and the edge of the pot, until the spike is just below the surface.
The nutrients are gradually released to the plant’s roots, safely and continuously, everyday.

Depending on the size of the pot (it’s diameter), push the appropriate number of sticks into the soil.

pot diameter ø 9 cm ø 12 cm ø 15 cm ø 18 cm ø 22 cm ø 28 cm
number of sticks ½ 1 2 4 6 8

For best results, insert new spikes every 90 days. Water after inserting spikes.

Apply from March to October.
In winter, from November to February, use half the dose recommended on the package.
In balcony boxes, use 2 sticks per 1 plant.

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