Fertilizer sticks for orchids

This fertilizer’s balanced composition ensures proper growth, strengthening and, above all, beautiful flowering of plants.
Special structure of the stick allows for a gradual and long-lasting release of nutrients, suitable for orchids.

  • convenience of use
  • gradual and continuous delivery of nutrients for 90 days

Effective for 3 months
Package: 12 sticks

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1 stick per pot of 10-13 cm in diameter.
For larger pots – 1 stick per 1 liter of substrate.
Apply from March to October. In winter, from November to February, use half the recommended dose.
Apply every 3 months.

Fertilizing with Zielony Dom fertilizer sticks, which deliver nutrients to the soil for at least 3 months, ensures that no harm is done to the plant.
The nutrients in Zielony Dom fertilizer sticks are glued together with a special binder, so they are released slowly and continually for at least 90 days.
The convenience of application is very important. Just push the appropriate number of sticks into the soil of the pot. Fertilization for people busy with daily chores who want to have beautiful plants.


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EU fertilizing product.
NPK 9-7-8

EAN: 5900026000129

Opakowanie 12 sztuk pałeczek
Masa netto 14 g
SKU 5900026000129

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